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Fairdale - Bike Skaterack - black

Fairdale - Bike Skaterack - black

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Fairdale - Bike Skaterack - black

The simplest and easiest way to carry a skateboard on a bike!
And it's super lightweight, too (only 380g).

Why do you need the skaterack? Check this short video!

How does the skaterack work? Check this short video!

Attaches tool free to most any rear rack (Gepäckträger)

Secure hold with bungee strap

Plastic coated rack which doesn't damage your bike

Designed for maximum heel clearance (so your feet don't touch it when padelling)

Fits decks up to 9.25" wide (measured just above the top of the truck's baseplate).
Many shaped boards have a nose or tail that is narrower than the deck's max width and will fit in the skaterack just fine.

100% Aluminium (Aluminium)

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