Welcome Stüssy!!!

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We are very happy to welcome Stüssy as a new brand in our portfolio.

Starting March1st (at midnight) we will be offering the first drop of the Spring21 collection.

Started in the early 80's by surfboard shaper Shawn Stussy, the brand became the blueprint of a hyped Streetwear brand, at a time when Streetwear wasn't even a real thing yet. In the 80's and 90's, Stüssy became very popular in the growing Skate- and Hip Hop scenes and always proved a good hand using influences from the different subcultures for its designs. With a strict quality over quantity approach, Stüssy is one of very few brands that managed to stay fresh and relevant for over 3 decade.

The brand is quite picky selecting stores they work with and we are stoked to offer the latest Stussy gear in our local store in Cologne (once the lockdown is over) and our Onlineshop.

Please click here to check our range of Stüssy products

Stüssy Spring Drop Overview

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