Vans Foot The Bill - Pivot Loafer


We are super thankful that Vans invited us to be a part of their Foot the Bill program. We had the chance to design our own version of the classic Slip-On, and we did.

You can now order and - if you feel like it - also customize the Pivot Loafer on the Vans Customs website (here). 

"Foot the Bill" was started by Vans with the goal to help shops in those difficult Corona times. The proceeds from the sale of the shoes will go directly to the shop. We will spend half the money to cover parts of all fixed costs that arise from running a skateshop. With the other half of the profit we want to buy boards and skatehardware and give those to local kids and families that are not fortunate enough to be able to buy their own boards.

With our Slip-On version we try to add a little fun and grace to this program. The result is the perfect shoe for a summer chill with the crew. With our „Loafers“ you are also perfectly dressed at events like first dates, weddings, bar mitzvahs, yacht cruises and job interviews...

Click here to customize and order your Pivot Loafer.

Thank you all for the support!
Stay safe! Love Pivot 
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