Nike SB x Polaroid QS Dunk

Nike SB Polaroid Dunk

Nike SB x Polaroid QS Dunk 

Photography reveals to a skateboarder the world that lies beyond their hometown. Skateboarding gives photographers the chance to capture pure self-expression. To showcase defiance, to champion the new generation of skaters who are kicking down doors for inclusivity and acceptance, one picture at a time.
There is a unique symbiosis between photography and skateboarding where each sees the world through a different lens. Nike SB and Polaroid consciously honour those perspectives throughout the design of a special-edition skate sneaker that fuses Polaroid’s iconic rainbow Spectrum with the Nike Swoosh and Dunk’s iconic heritage.
For the release of Nike SB x Polaroid Dunk, Pivot will be holding a raffle.

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(UPDATE: Raffle is closed)

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