Nike SB x Concepts Dunk

Nike SB Concepts Turdunken Dunk High shoe
A new Nike SB Dunk High QS release is around the corner and this time it’s a hot one.
Happy to introduce you to the TurDUNKen…

This guy was created by Nike SB and Concepts (CNCPTS), who obviously not only seem to have a good sense of humor, but also a faible for fancy food. In case you weren’t sure, CNCPTS brought us the infamous Lobster Dunks.

Now we are in 2020 and it’s the perfectly weird year for the release of the TurDUNKen, a shoe inspired by a - not only from a vegetarian perspective - quite disturbing delicacy named turducken. A turducken is a little chicken that is completely stuffed into a duck which is further stuffed into a turkey. The result is a crazy creature/dish that’s also known as the three bird rost.

The shoes have lots of details imitating characteristics from the processed animals. If you take a closer look you might recognize that it's mostly duck features that made it on the shoe. Laser-cut details on the quarter panel look like feathers and the Swooshes (mismatched) in a shimmering green and blue take their color inspiration from a male duck’s plumage. 

The European release date for the Turdunken Dunk High is set to be on Nov. 21th. 
We won't  have an instore release, but we will hold a raffle. 

Please click here to attend the raffle (EMEA region only).
Please read the rules carefully.

Along with the Dunks, we will also offer a few pieces of the clothing/accessories that accompany this release. A beanie in hunter orange, a t-shirt with a duck chest print and an awesome bomber jacket with a check pattern fake fur. Those products will be available in store on Nov. 21th. In case we should have pieces left, those will go online on Monday the 23rd.
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