Nike SB x CSC Dunk low


Nike SB x Crenshaw Skate Club Quickstrike Dunk

Tobias McIntosh started his own label Crenshaw Skate Club (CSC) in 2017, as a platform to express his affinity for skateboarding and it's culture. This year, the brand that’s designed to empower inner-city skaters across the globe is expanding it's footwear collaborations with this sick Nike SB Quickstrike Dunk release. 


 If you want to get the chance to buy a pair, you should join our raffle through our raffle form*: 
>>> RAFFLE: Nike SB x CCS Dunk low <<<

(This raffle will be closed Aug 4th. 00:00)

* As always, we will handle loyal, regular, customers with priority. If you have been buying stuff from us in the past, your chances of winning will be much better. This doesn't mean that all customers will win automatically, but we will pick you from a much smaller group of people🤝

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