Nike SB Born x Raised Dunk low

Nike SB Dunk Born x Raised at Pivot Skateshop
Nike SB Born x Raised QS Dunk 

For the release of the Born x Raised Quickstrike Dunk Low we are holding an instore raffle.

To participate, you have one week (until Oct. 9th.18:00*) to drop by our store and to fill out your raffle ticket. For raffle ticket we ask you for 5 € in exchange (There is a max. of 3 tickets/person, but please feel free to donate more if you can).

All money collected in this raffle, will be donated to the SKM Köln (@skmkoeln). SKM Cologne provides help for people who experience poverty, social disadvantages and exclusion, regardless of their origin, religion and sexual orientation. They are committed to social justice and social and democratic coexistence in the city of Köln.

Thank you for your attention, good luck and see you soon!

!Sizerun is US 5-13!

UPDATE [Oct. 12th. 2023] 

Thanks to your kind donations, we were able to donate 2283,30 € to SKM Köln
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