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Ace AF1 Hollow - 44 - silver

Ace AF1 Hollow - 44 - silver

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Ace truck AF1 Hollow - 44

8.6% lighter than standard AF1

Board fit = 8.12" - 8.25" - 8.3"
(you can adjust the width by using more or less washers)

Axle width = 8.25"

Attention: this is only one truck
(and you need two trucks to ride your skateboard)

The all new Ace AF-1 features:

  • Same, approved geometry as the classic Ace truck
  • New sizing (see last image for more info)
  • Made with high grade aluminium & SCM440 steel
  • Comes with an extra thread cutter (the red nut) = Gratis Gewindeschneider!!!
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